ACEG Sailed Through “Three-in-one” Management System Certification Audit 2022
ACEG Engineering Management Department  |  Updated: 2022-10-24  |  Views: 1653

Anhui Construction Engineering Group Company Limited has successfully passed the 2022 “Three-in-one" management system certification” audit of quality, environment and occupational health and safety recently by China Quality Mark Certification Group (CQM).


CQM has conducted data reviews, inquiries and on-site inspections in strict accordance with the system standards, relevant national laws and regulations, industry standards and ACEG management system documents during the audit and carefully and objectively reviewed the responsibilities, performances, environmental factor controls, hazard source identification and other aspects. The relevant departments of ACEG have cooperated closely and provided a large amount of detailed basic data and written records. Through the audit, CQM firmly determines that the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system established by ACEG operates effectively and meets the requirements of the “Three-in-one” management system.


Following up this round audit, CQM has given full affirmation to the conformity, suitability and effectiveness of ACEG’s current “Three-in-one” management system and also puts forward constructive suggestions on the future operations of ACEG. In the next step, ACEG will, in accordance with the requirements, carefully check the management works of its functional departments and strictly implement the “three-in-one” management system standards and continuously improve its management levels.