ACEG Held Thematic Training Course on Standardized Operation of Listed Firms
ACEG Securities Department  |  Updated: 2022-10-26  |  Views: 1734

In order to further improve ACEG’s standard operation levels as a listed company and enhance its managers’ awareness of rules and regulations, ACEG held a “Thematic Training Course on Standard Operation of Listed Companies” on October 14, 2022 in Hefei, the capital city of eastern China’s Anhui province. Zhao Shiyun, Party Secretary and Chairman of ACEG, attended the training course and made a mobilization speech. Yuan Hongsheng, Vice President and Secretary General of Anhui Association of Listed Companies made a guiding speech. Li Yougui, Deputy Secretary of ACEG Party Committee, General Manager and Director, presided over the training course. More than 200 ACEG leading team members, external directors, leading team members of its functional departments and subordinate units attended the training course at Anjian Mansion International – ACEG’s headquarters office building as the main venue and the sub-venues at each location of all its subordinate units.


Zhao Shiyun has stressed in his mobilization speech: First, we should study harder, raise our level of understanding and shift our mindset, reinforce the sense in awe of the game rules of the capital market, keep away from the regulatory “red line” and do not overstep the prescribed limits, strictly observe the bottom line of the behavioral compliances. Second, we should continue to perform our duties in accordance with the laws, fully recognize the current situation of comprehensive and strict supervision in accordance with the laws, strengthen our awareness of integrity, compliance and ethics, and constantly improve our ability to perform our duties and obligations. Third, we should continue to standardize our business operation, strictly abide by the state assets regulatory policies and securities regulatory rules, improve the efficiency of the standardized operation, strengthen the implementation of internal control measures and strive to enhance the overall values of ACEG and richly reward the investors with good performances.


In his speech, Yuan Hongsheng pointed out that listed companies are the cornerstones in the capital markets and the CPC Central Committee and The State Council attach great importance to improving the qualities of listed companies and the healthy development of the capital markets. Under the new development environment, listed companies should take more active roles and fulfill their social responsibilities and play a cornerstone role in “steady growth”. The “critical minority” of the listed companies must practice the “Four respects in awe” – the markets, the rule of law, the professions and the investors, and firmly adhere to the “Four bottom lines” - first, do not disclose false information, second, do not engage in insider trading, third, do not manipulate stock prices, fourth, do not damage the interests of listed companies and let standardized operation become the basis for the development of listed companies in high quality. As a self-regulatory organization. He added, Anhui Association of Listed Companies will, as always, gather all forces and give full play to its organizational advantages of being as “a bridge or a platform”, do a solid job in the publicity and training of laws and regulations and assist the quality development of listed companies with high-quality services.


Guo Bing, Tutor from the Firm Supervision Department of Anhui Securities Regulatory Bureau, and Li Xiaoxin, Lawyer and Partner of Deheng Law Firm, were invited to teach this training course. The two tutors have gave wonderful lectures entitled “Strengthening Information Disclosure, Standardizing Corporate Governance and the Performances of Controlling Shareholder Directors, Supervisors and Senior Managers” and “Standardizing Governance and Information Disclosure Minefields of Listed Companies” respectively. All the training contents included the knowledge of normative governance and information disclosure of listed companies, the code of conduct of controlling shareholders and the key points of the performance of directors, supervisors and senior managers. There were not only the interpretation on supervision situation of securities, but also the analysis of typical violation cases, which are very instructive and targeted.


This training activity has deepened the understanding of ACEG managers at all levels on the necessity of standardized operation, which is conducive to further improve its levels of standardized operation and facilitate the high-quality development of ACEG with high-level managements.